Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sold-5/24/10 Blue Roan stud colt ( After Dark 045 x Blue Hancock Country)

Sire: After Dark 045

Dam: Blue Hancock Country

This colt will be big and stout. Good minded and will be an excellent ride. His dam has an A+ disposition.

29 major foundation speed sires in his pedigree. He came out black, then he lightened up, now he's turning blue. It looks like he will have a black head and blue body with black points.

Both parents are over 15.1 hands and have great dispositions. His dam is an exceptional mare. She produces foals that ride like a "cadillac". This colt will be good sized and really be able to perform.

This colt has a half brother(same dam)that is a stallion at the Colt .45 Ranch in New Plymouth, Idaho.

Friday, March 5, 2010

TBars Driftwood 2007 Gelding

Quarter Horse For Sale

Price: $3500

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Birth Date: Jan 21, 2007

Weight: 1150.0 lbs

Height: 15.1 hh

Additional Comments:

This handsome gelding has Three Bars on his papers. He continues to grow taller and gain muscle. He will be able to handle all phases of ranch work. This young gelding has straight legs, excellent bone, and is fast. He travels well and can cover the ground. He is easy to catch and has a good disposition. He has real solid feet. He is really turning out to be a nice horse. This outstanding prospect is in training and is progressing very well. He has the mind, confirmation, and athletic ability to excel in the arena or on the ranch. No injuries or scars. Guaranteed 100% sound.

Monday, February 22, 2010

2007- Northern Winter 045 x Chickasha Queen 045 gray filly

This gray filly is fast and athletic. She is friendly and kind. This horse has an excellent set of withers and is a great mover. A real cowboy type horse. She is quiet and a real pleasure to be around. The sire and the dam of this filly have a track record for producing cowy,fast, and good minded horses. Asking $1800.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2007 -Cowboy Fuel 045 x Poquita Mas Chex sorrel filly

This attractive filly has a flaxen mane and tail. She has a baby doll head and a nice hip. She has the athletic potential to make a performance horse. She will get you noticed anywhere you go. She is gentle and good natured.
$2000 with 30 days training

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2007 Northern Winter 045 x Chester Stallone dark grey filly

This Kings Pistol, Oklahoma Star bred filly has a big motor. She is stout, quick, and very athletic. This quiet filly has a good disposition and excellent breeding. She has straight legs and moves very well. She has the mind and physical ability to become a high level calf, bull dogging, or heel horse. Once we start riding this filly her value will really appreciate. I really hate to let her go. Her dam is one of my top producers.
$2500 with 30 days training

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lady Winter 045- 2007 gray filly

This gray filly is a full sister to the bay filly, Elite License 045 below. This unique gray filly has a great disposition which is typical of both parents. This is a good natured filly that is full of action. She has good withers, straight legs, and good bone. Her uncommon pedigree is loaded with cow horse legends. This filly is in training, check for updates on her progress. Asking $1500.

Elite License 045- 2006 bay filly

This is a good natured filly that is full of action. She has good withers, straight legs,good bone, and great feet. Her uncommon pedigree is loaded with cow horse legends. This filly is in training and responding well, check for updates on her progress. $1500. SOLD Thanks Rex!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashing Blue Belle 2006 Grulla Filly

This very unique coming 4 yr old grulla filly has a beautiful refined head and a huge hip. She is over 15 hands and stout. She is progressing in her training and the first ride is not far away. She is not for a beginner. She will need an experienced person with skilled hands. She is very agile and is a real fluid mover. This powerful horse is smart, sensitive, and really wants to please. She retains training very well and is a real pleasure to work with. Price will go up with riding. Asking $2500. SOLD Thanks Marnie!