Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sold-5/24/10 Blue Roan stud colt ( After Dark 045 x Blue Hancock Country)

Sire: After Dark 045

Dam: Blue Hancock Country

This colt will be big and stout. Good minded and will be an excellent ride. His dam has an A+ disposition.

29 major foundation speed sires in his pedigree. He came out black, then he lightened up, now he's turning blue. It looks like he will have a black head and blue body with black points.

Both parents are over 15.1 hands and have great dispositions. His dam is an exceptional mare. She produces foals that ride like a "cadillac". This colt will be good sized and really be able to perform.

This colt has a half brother(same dam)that is a stallion at the Colt .45 Ranch in New Plymouth, Idaho.

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